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Since about 1977, there have been three official bodies representing philately in Western Australia: –

Western Australian Philatelic Council (Incorporated)
also known as
WA Philatelic Council (Inc.)
abbreviated to

Western Australian Stamp Promotion Council (Incorporated)
also known as
WA Stamp Promotion Council (Inc.)
abbreviated to

Western Australian Philatelic Association (Incorporated)
also known as
WA Philatelic Association (Inc.)
abbreviated to

The Western Australian Philatelic Council (WAPC) was formed in December 1984 from the amalgamation of the Western Australian Stamp Promotion Council (WASPC) and the Western Australian Philatelic Association (WAPA).

Executive officers for each of the three organisations are listed on the following pages.  The lists are in reverse chronological order – most recent year first. Unfortunately, the lists are not complete, due to the absence of relevant records from various years.

Please note that the three organisations were supported in their work by people in various non-executive roles. Lists of those roles and the people who held them will be added in due course.

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WAPC Committee to Date

WASPC Committee Members

WAPA Committee Members