About The WAPC

About the WAPCThe Western Australian Philatelic Council Inc. (WAPC) helps to
coordinate the activities and promotion of the hobby of stamp
collecting within Western Australia.

The Council meets monthly; its members represent philatelic
societies, stamp clubs, stamp dealers and interested individuals.

The objectives of the WAPC include:

  • Bringing into accord the aims and activities of all stamp clubs and
    philatelic societies in WA; promoting good fellowship and mutual cooperation.
  • Giving assistance to philatelic organisations through the provision
    of finance and supply of display frames.
  • Protecting the interests of philatelic groups and their members by providing state-wide Public and Product Liability Insurance for the clubs and Volunteer Workers Insurance for the members.
  • Encouraging and supporting the formation of new philatelic groups.
    Providing advice and materials for this purpose, on request.
  • Raising finances in order to promote and foster stamp collecting.
  • Liaising with Australia Post and the philatelic trade for the benefit
    of stamp collectors.
  • Representing the interests of organised philately, positively and
    effectively, to community and government organisations.

Council projects include:

  • Philatelic workshops
  • Organising speakers and displays for club meetings
  • Stamping WA booklet
  • Administration of the Hasluck Award
  • Listing of philatelic literature that is available for loan
  • Swan River Stamp Show (held annually)
  • Encouraging research into the postal history of Western Australia
  • Defibrillator available for all philatelic functions.

The Council is the WA philatelist’s representative body to the
Australian Philatelic Federation (APF), which is a member of the
Federation Internationale de Philatelie (FIP) and the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP).

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For more information regarding the hobby of stamp collecting in Western Australia, contact the Council via:

Glen: 0419 468 528

Postal address:
PO Box 886

Click to download a copy of the WAPC Constitution:
WAPC Constitution (18 April 2021)