E M Hasluck Award

Hasluck medalIn September 1983, the WAPC established a philatelic award
known as the ‘E.M. Hasluck Medal’ in memory of the late E.M.
Hasluck and his fellow officers serving in the Colonial Post Office of Western Australia in the 19th century. In particular, the Award acknowledges the contribution of Hasluck and others to Post Office and Telegraph services during the Gold Rush era.

The WAPC appointed five trustees to administer the annual
selection of a worthy recipient of the Award.

Nominees should be persons resident in Western Australia who have given distinguished service to philately, past and present.

Nominees are selected based on considerations such as:

  • Administration positions held and length of service;
  • Specific contributions such as publishing articles or editing
  • Exhibiting collections at clubs and higher levels; and
  • Generally promoting the hobby in WA.

Nominations close on September 1st each year.

Winners to date:
2017   Keith Michaelson

2016   Michael Kouwen

2015   John Sutton

2014   Not awarded

2013   Trevor Lacy

2012   Bruce Haynes

2011   Glen Stafford

2010   Bernard Buckland

2009   Jeff Trinidad

2008   Peter Martin

2007   Brian Whittaker

2006   Brian Austin

2005   Jan Gane

2004   Penny Wells

2003   Harold Clay (dec.)

2002   Richard Vickers

2001   John DiBiase

2000   Robert Radley

1999   Graham Berry

1998   David Wood (dec.)

1997   Ross Wood

1996   Edward Hyde (dec.)

1995   Peter Stewart

1994   Geoff Elliott

1993   Dorrit Hunt (dec.)

1992   Phil Thomas (dec.)

1991   Lindsay Wilkinson (dec.)

1990   Arthur Pearce (dec.)

1989   Mavis Deathe (dec.)

1988   Arnold Creaser

1987   Gordon Darge (dec.)

1986   Ross Duberal

1985   Brian Pope

1984   Capt. George Owen (dec.)

1983   Myrna Hooker (dec.)

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