Melbourne 2017

Melbourne 2017 Exhibition
30 March – 2 April 2017

Beech, Colin
US Special Delivery Stamp Issues of 1885-1951 and their Usage
Traditional88Large Vermeil
Blinman, Michael
New South Wales Postal Stationery
Postal Stationery 95Large Gold
Browne, Stephen
New South Wales Stampless Mail 1850-1852
One Frame 92
Burke, David
Controlling and Managing Mail
Postal History 75Large Silver
Chadderton, Bruce
Descent into the Abyss
Open 86Large Vermeil
Chequer, Graeme and Gaye
Orchids and their World
Open 90Gold
Special Prize
Collyer, David
Years of Change - International Airmail to and from Australia
Aerophilately 85Large Vermeil
Czermak, Carole
GrossBorn POW Philately Used During Their 1944 Olympic Period
One Frame 73
Dalton, Chris
Australia-USA Air Mail to 1945
Aerophilately 77Large Silver
DiBiase, John
Western Australia; The Railway Parcel Stamps and Labels 1905-1986
Traditional 80Vermeil
Diffen, Gary
Brewery Advertising Envelopes of the Unites States of America 1860-1945
Postal History
(trans from Open)
88Large Vermeil
Diffen, Gary
Preparations for War and the Australian Military Campaign Gallipoli
Open96Large Gold
Special Prize
Diserio, Mark
Australian Registered Letter Envelopes 1912-1962
Postal Stationery 91Gold
Special Prize
Donaldson, Wayne
Sweden and Great Britain: Mail Connections till UPU
Postal History 91Gold
Special Prize
Dwyer, Kevin
Aubrey Gotley and the First ANARE Antarctic Base, Heard Island 1947-1955
Open 73Silver
Ebing, Gert
Prussia 1850-1867
Traditional 80Vermeil
Eggleton, Roger
Australia : Parcels Post Label P.P.1.
One Frame 81
Englefield, Graham
Mawson's Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911-1914
One Frame 77
Figg, David
General Douglas MacArthur - Defender and Liberator of the Philippines
One Frame 69
Franklin, Indigo
The Game of Soccer
Youth 73Silver
Franklin, John
Use of KGV One Penny Issues 1914-1937
Postal History 73Silver
Franklin, Zac
Youth 83Vermeil
Special Prize
Gendek, Marilyn
Florence Nightingale : The Path to Legend
Open 84Vermeil
Gibson, John
Sudan from 1845 to 1914
Postal History 81Vermeil
Gosse, Tom
KGVI British Commonwealth - Japanese Occupation of South East Asia
Traditional 75Large Silver
Gosse, Tom
KGVI Newfoundland Long Coronation
Traditional 77Large Silver
Gray, Nancy
Specimen, Presentation and Cancelled to Order Stamps of Australia 1901-1966
Traditional 88Large Vermeil
Grey, Alan
'Postage to Collect' for Australian Colonial Mail
Postal History 96Large Gold
Grand Prix National
Gurevitch, Richard
Hong Kong Postal Issues of the Queen Victoria Period
Traditional 91Gold
Special Prize
Haynes, Bruce
Mauritius Postal Markings 1811-1918
Postal History 82Vermeil
Higgs, John
The First AIF - November 1914 to April 1915
One Frame 75
Howard, Jim
Brunei 1894-1947
Traditional 77Large Silver
Hurrell, Eric
Australia - The Kangaroo and Map Stamps [1913-1947]
Traditional 76Large Silver
Jenkins, Richard (Bill)
The Campbell and Co and Campbell and Ferguson Printings of the Three Pence Blue Victorian Half Lengths
One Frame 90
John, David
The History of Tasmanian Handstamps 1853-1912
Postal History 87Large Vermeil
Johnstone, James
The 1900 Patriotic Fund Charity Stamps of Queensland and Victoria
One Frame 90
Kantor, Rod
Northern Rhodesia's 1963 Definitive Issue
One Frame 76
Kantor, Rod
Republic of Biafra - Internal and Outgoing Mail in Time of Conflict and Change
One Frame 81
Kantor, Rod
Zimbabwe - Inflation of the 21st Century 2002-2010
Kibble, Daryl
Signs of the Times
Open 75Large Silver
Kouwen, Mike
Australia-London Customs Duty
Revenues 87Large Vermeil
Kwan, Cheung Patrick
Aspects of Philatelic Trade in Mauritius
One Frame 74
Laidler, Greg
Constant Plate Varieties of the Two Dollar Red Gums of the Far North
Literature 78Large Silver
Laidler, Gregory
Study of the High Value Definitive Stamps depicting important Australian Paintings
Traditional 76Large Silver
Lancaster, John
Colonial Customs and Beyond
Literature 82Vermeil
Lancaster, John
Exhibit Yourself
Literature 83Vermeil
Lee, Linda
Algeria Pre-Independence
Traditional 86Large Vermeil
Lewis, Geoffrey
Philippines International Airmails up to 1941
Aerophilately 88Large Vermeil
Lewis, Geoffrey
Stampless Mail Entering Spain
Postal History 96Large Gold
Grand Prix International
Longfield, Patrick
British North Borneo 1883 to 1925
Traditional 80Vermeil
Lower, Harry
South Australia Long Stamps : the second 'POSTAGE' series
Traditional 88Large Vermeil
Lyon, Anthony
Mail to and from New Zealand Forces WWII
Postal History
(trans from Open)
McMahon, Ian
Guelph the Royal City
Postal History 83Vermeil
Monk, Gordon
Surface Printed Varieties of the Australian KGV 1d
Traditional 85Large Vermeil
Moore, John
Australia 1988 Living Together
Modern 84Vermeil
Morris, Graeme
New Zealand Pictorial Definitives, 1935-1947
Traditional 76Large Silver
The Arthur Gray KGV
Literature 75Large Silver
Newton, Ross
Apollo 13: A Successful Failure
One Frame 77
O'Regan, Winnie
The World of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
Youth 68Silver Bronze
Peggie, Paul
Mission Mail-Central Africa 1883-1923
Postal History 89Large Vermeil
Special Prize
Renniks Publications Pty Ltd
Stamps of Australia: 15th Edition
Literature 73Silver
Roland, Michel
Electronic Counter Services and Australia Post
Modern 86Large Vermeil
Roland, Michel
For Economic Reasons
One Frame 77
Ronne, Peter
Genesis of Photolithography Australia Stamps 1977
Traditional 86Large Vermeil
Savins, Lionel
The 1935 Pictorial Definitive Stamps of New Zealand
Traditional 88Large Vermeil
Special Prize
Schofield, Tim
Cancellations, Postal Markings and Correspondence of Country Post Offices' Moreton Bay 1850-1860
One Frame 85
Schofield, Tim
German Machine Cancellations and Postal Markings 1867-1918
Postal History 84Vermeil
Schofield, Tim
Spanish Variable Value Stamps 1979-2016
Modern 78Large Silver
Schumann, Stephen
New Zealand Postal Stationery 1876-1940
Championship N/ALarge Gold
Seven Seas Stamps
The Australasian Stamp Catalogue 32nd Edition
Literature 75Large Silver
Shaw, James
New Zealand 1878 1d Stamp Duty
One Frame 85
Shaw, James
New Zealand 1965 ANZAC [50th Anniversary] Issues Study - 4d and 5d
One Frame 80
Shaw, James
New Zealand Decimal Stamps from 1967 - Printing Methods, Studies and Varieties
Traditional 86Large Vermeil
Shaw, James
New Zealand Wages Tax 1931-1958
Revenues 86Large Vermeil
Shukla, Aaradhya
Not Just Paper
Youth 70Silver
Sinfield, John
Panama Republic Postal Stationery till 1940
Championship N/A Large Gold
Thompson, Jeffrey
The Voyages of Captain Cook
Youth 62Bronze
Todd, Elsa
Australian Registered Envelopes to KGV
Postal Stationery 81Vermeil
Todd, Raymond
Sweden - Postal Stationery 1872-1918
Postal Stationery 88Large Vermeil
Vassallo, John
Malta Up to 1925
(trans from Postal History)
Watson, Gary
Ceylon's Involvement in World War II
Postal History 83Vermeil
Watson, Gary
The Letter Carrier Datestamps of Melbourne
One Frame 87
Watson, Gary
The Pre-separation Datestamps of Melbourne
One Frame 85
Wenitong, Leonard
ATM - The Other Postage Stamp
Traditional 72Silver
Winchester, Ronnie
Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika - KG VI
Traditional 71Silver
Wood, Ross
The History of Aviation
Maximaphily 84Vermeil
Xavier, Paul
Fiji KGVI - The Omnibus Commemoratives
One Frame 83
Yen, Boon Swee
Australian Forces in Malaya WWII
Postal History 91Gold
Special Prize
Ziegeler, Clyde
Australia-London Customs Duties
Revenues 80Vermeil

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