Mandurah 2016

Mandurah 2016 Stamp, Coin, Banknote & Postcard Fair
2 – 5 November 2016

The Mandurah 2016 Stamp, Coin, Banknote & Postcard Fair (‘Mandurah 2016 Fair’) was held at the same time and in the same venue as the Swan River Stamp Show 2016.

Brown, Gary (Vic)
Aden from British Colony to People's Republic
Traditional83Large Vermeil
Collins, Murray J (Qld)
Southern Rhodesia
Traditional80Large Vermeil
Chu, Wing Yeu (Hong Kong)
The National Currency Stamps of China 1945-48
Traditional80Large Vermeil
Cheung, Andrew M (Hong Kong)
Russian Post Offices in China - The Overprinted Issues
Traditional91Large Gold
Neville, Robert (WA)
Great Britain Stamps and Postal Stationery Used in Gibraltar 1857-1898
Traditional81Large Vermeil
Chitty, Lindsay (NZ)
New Zealand First Stamp Issue - The Full Face Queens
Goulder, Robin (WA)
Victoria to Australia the Postage Due Issues 1890-1963
Traditional70Large Silver
Flanagan, Patrick (Sth Africa)
The George VI Issue of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika
Traditional80Large Vermeil
Johnstone, James (NSW)
The Cross and Numeral Design of Switzerland and Its Usage
Traditional83Large Vermeil
Lower, Harry (SA)
South Australia's "Postage" Long Stamps
Traditional95Large Gold
Special Prize
Mortlock, Andrew (UK)
Queensland One Penny 1882-1912
Traditional90Large Gold
Special Prize
Gray, Nancy (NSW)
Specimen, Presentation and Cancelled to Order Stamps of Australia 1901-1966
Traditional93Large Gold
Special Prize
Reid, Patrick (UK)
Tasmania - The Pictorial Issue
Monk, Gordon (SA)
Surface Printed Varieties of Australian King George V 1d
Special Prize
Howard, Jim (SA)
Brunei 1895-1947
Traditional80Large Vermeil
Flanagan, Patrick (Sth Africa)
The George VI Issue of Northern Rhodesia
Traditional80Large Vermeil
Ziegeler, Clyde (SA)
Jaipur 1904-1949
Traditional71Large Silver
Kellow, Geoffrey (NSW)
Sierra Leone: The Sterling Issues of Elizabeth II, 1953-1964
Moore, John (NSW)
1988 Australia Living Together
Traditional (Modern)82Large Vermeil
Moore, John (NSW)
1989-1991 Australian Sport Definitive Series
Traditional (Modern)85Gold
Roland, Jenny (SA)
Australian Counter Printed Stamps - The Complete Story
Traditional (Modern)82Large Vermeil
Xavier, Paul (Qld)
Fiji - Architecture Definitive Series (Adhesives, Printings and Usage)
Traditional (Modern)87Gold
Special Prize
Beston, Bernard (Qld)
British Guiana - The Airmail Story 1913-1950
Aerophilately81Large Vermeil
Stafford, Glen (WA)
Nicaragua - Airmail Stamps - The Early Years
Cheung, Andrew M (Hong Kong)
Guatemala Airmails 1924-1945
Special Prize
Minnaar, Emil (Sth Africa)
Airmails of Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1930-1946
Comrie, Reginald J (NZ)
Airlines of the World
Brown, Gary (Vic)
South Africa - First Revenue Series
Revenues 85Gold
Fuller, Darryl (ACT)
Revenue Stamped Paper and Other Non-Adhesive Revenues of Israel
Revenues 72Large Silver
Chan, Stephen (Hong Kong)
Revenue Stamps of Macau During the Portuguese Administration
Revenues 86Gold
Walker, Martin (SA)
South Australia's Revenue Stamps 1886-1966
Revenues 92Large Gold
Special Prize
Comford, Trevor (UK)
Captain Scott's Last Antarctic Expedition - Triumph and Tragedy
Polar83Large Vermeil
Lally, Susan (WA)
With Byrd to the Bottom of the World
Special Prize
Saunders, Dianne (WA)
Antarctica - Understood Values and Protections
Polar70Large Silver
Gibson, RA (Bob) (NZ)
Reducing Risks on Our Roads
Laney, Ian (NSW)
Tramways Through the Ages
Thematic71Large Silver
Rhodes, Michael (WA)
The Human Mastery of Energy
Special Prize
Giardiello, Lorenzo (SA)
Glamorous Ladies
Livingston, Robert G (NZ)
Taupo - A Tourist Hotspot
Postcards67Large Silver
Downes, Alma (SA)
Piering Out To Sea
Kitchin, Lynn M (NSW)
Louis Wain - King of Catland
PostcardsNo Show
Pocock, Derek (WA)
The Postcards of the Bon March Series, Perth
Postcards70Large Silver
Giardiello, Lorenzo (SA)
Silk Postcards Evolution 1898 to 1980
Postcards90Large Gold
Special Prize
Presgrave, Anthony (SA)
Engineering a City
Roland, Michel (SA)
From Bonaparte to Napoleon
Long, Jenny (NZ)
A Study of New Zealand Pictorial Postcards
Marley, Lesley (UK)
'There She Blows', A Brief Outline of the Whaling Industry
Postcards80Large Vermeil
Moore, John (NSW)
Lord Howe Island - A Traveller's Tale
Moore, Ken (WA)
World War I Silk Postcards 1914 to 1918
Rhodes, Michael (WA)
A Tour Around the Kremlin and Red Square
Postcards80Large Vermeil
Australian Match Cover Collectors Society (SA)
Australian Postcard Society (SA)
Australian Postcard Society Bulletin
Elsmore, Dave (Qld)
The Lithographed Stamp Duty Adhesives of Queensland
Literature82Large Vermeil
Giardiello, Lorenzo (SA)
Silk Postcards Evolution
Literature73Large Silver
Laidler, Gregory (NSW)
Constant Plate Varieties of the Two Dollars "Red Gums of the Far North" Definitive Stamp
Special Prize
Queensland Card Collectors Club Inc. (Qld)
The ANZACS in World War I Illustrated in Postcards and Cigarette Cards
Newman, Barrie (SA)
Development of the Three Stampex 2014 PNC's
Stafford, Johanna (WA)
A Selection of German Notgeld
Numismatic92Large Gold
Special Prize
Stafford, Johanna (WA)
Mongolian Banknotes of 1955, 1966 and Today
Numismatic82Large Vermeil

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